Construction Defect Claim Matters in the Gunnison and Crested Butte area

It is remarkable but true – general contractors in Colorado do not have to be licensed. In other words, contractors are not regulated. The result is that substandard work is all too frequent. There is a remedy for the consumer, however. The Colorado Construction Defect Reform Act (the “Act”) contains a notice process one must follow in the event of a defective construction claim. If defective construction has occurred, it is critical that notice to the contractor is made promptly. The Act is designed to allow parties to settle construction defect claims at the pre-litigation stage. We handle construction defect claims at both the pre-litigation notice phase and through trial.

The attorneys at Schumacher & O’Loughlin regularly handle construction defect cases for a wide variety of clients, from individual property owners to HOAs to contractors and subcontractors. Construction projects are complex matters, and when disputes arise, the litigation involved is often also complex and intensive. We have the knowledge and experience with the laws surrounding construction defect cases to handle defect claims from the pre-litigation notice phase to trial if need be.

Our Attorneys serve the Gunnison, Crested Butte and Western Slope and beyond area.