Civil Litigation in the Gunnison and Crested Butte area

The term “civil litigation” describes the process of resolving disputes through the courts. These disputes are referred to as “civil matters”, which means they are non-criminal matters. While a lawsuit is typically a last resort, sometimes it is necessary. When contemplating a lawsuit, it is critical that your attorney is candid with you about your chance of success as well as the costs and time commitment involved. Your attorney should evaluate alternatives to litigation, and carefully consider whether to file or a defend a lawsuit.

Our attorneys have extensive litigation and trial experience in a variety of matters, such as personal injury, transactional disputes, construction defects, and nearly everything in between. We understand the financial and emotional toll that litigation can take, so we strive to navigate our clients through this process as efficiently and effectively as possible. We take our role as your attorney very seriously and make it our priority to fight for the best possible resolution.